How to Play

There are no winners in YAP. The first person to receive 21 Shame points loses!

How to start

After acquiring a deck, grab up to three friends or foes. You'll also need:

• A coin
• Pen/paper for score
• Small paper for each player

Before dealing, all players write one topic that the loser must apologize for. Examples of topics are below:

• Don't share your topic.
• Fold paper and place it aside until end of game.

Example Apology Topics

Next, deal all players 8 cards.

On your turn, bring out any cards that you can afford.

* You must spend Resource cards to bring other cards into play, but we'll explain more on that further down.

There are 5 types of cards:

Think of them as money
Main cards
Set them for protection
Boost your Characters
Disrupt play
Resource Cards
Using YAP Resource Cards

Resources are the green cards (like money).

Spend them to bring other cards into play.

The Resource cost of each card is listed on its top corner:

YAP Card Costs
* Discard Resources after spending.

Lacking Resources? This symbol may help:

Shame/Wild symbol

Cards with this symbol can be played as any Resource you wish. HOWEVER this is a sacrifice that will cast you one Shame.

* If used as Resource, discard after spending.
Character Cards

These are your main cards.

When brought into play, place them in a row of protection in front of you. Characters attack and defend for you.
YAP Character Attack & Defense numbers

Use multiple cards on one turn, but cannot attack with the same card twice.

Player A ATTACKING Player B:
YAP Character Attack & Defense numbers
* Discard defeated Characters.

Attack numbers rollover:

 4 Attack (Player A)
- 1 Defense (Player B)
3 hits (Player B) as Shame points!
YAP Character Attack & Defense numbers

Characters can directly attack opponents if they don’t have cards in play to protect them.

In this case, they receive the attack number in Shame points.
YAP Personal attacks
Trap Cards
Using YAP Trap Cards

Set them to protect yourself and your Characters.

Traps are placed face down under the Character they are protecting:
Using YAP Resource Cards
in front of you
(protecting you, the player directly):
Trap protecting you
Activate Traps (flip) when the what they're protecting is attacked.
Buff Cards
Buff Cards

Pump up your Character's attack and defense numbers.

Buffs are placed under the Character they're boosting:

Buff Card boosting
* Can only attached on Buff to each Character.
Newsflash Cards
Buff Cards

Use them to disrupt play.

* Some must be played immediately.

4 More Rules... and Scoring:

1. Cannot attack on very first turn.

2. Read aloud all cards you bring into play (except Traps).

3. Draw two cards at the end of each turn.

4. Cast one Shame for each mistake opponents make.

Examples of mistakes that you can cast Shame for:
  1. Player forgot to draw cards at end of turn.
  2. Player tried to bring card(s) into play using the wrong Resources.
  3. Player didn't follow the card's directions. For example, opponent didn’t immediately play a Trap card that indicated it must be played immediately..
  4. Player falsely accuses an opponent of making a mistake.

The first person to receive
21 Shame points loses.

There are no winners.


Take the blame by making a personal apology that includes all topics players wrote at the beginning of the game (including your own).

sorry image
* Optional: Upload your apology video:

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