Our Story

If we can’t laugh about 2020 we'll cry. We highly encourage laughter.

YAP's brought to you by us...

a couple (in both senses of the word) who make things for fun and have fun making fun of things.

Mark and Justine
One of our challenges...

while creating Y.A.P. was reigning in the humor. The game has cards that will make you laugh and others that may infuriate you, but we didn't want to go overboard with the latter. Some cards that we dropped for the first edition may be released in the future in a N.S.F.W. format, but don’t think that this version is tame for a second! It alludes to topics that you will undoubtedly talk about. We did our best to make light of all sides evenly and hold no bias, but when you find some... be careful it may be your own.

Brief History Title
It started as many things do...

a joke inspired by headlines, a novel idea written on scribbles on scraps of paper.

Inspired by Headlines
YAP Timeline
It was Mark’s job to formulate the chaotic melee of satirical ideas and Justine’s job to organize the mayhem into a cohesive game.
YAP Behind the Scenes

It was by way of cave drawings on spam mail that the artwork began. With the help of spell check and market research tests on subject A (Mark’s youngest son), the game's language became refined. Over time, we came to realize that a game created in 2020 could not be perfect, but beautiful in its flaws. YAP is now no longer an abstract nebula. It’s a game ready to be shared. We hope Y.A.P. will make you think of 2020 with a grin. Get the game today!

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